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In fact they are my FAVE – nothing is more flattering!

I was inspired to write this post when my jaw hit the desktop after reading this question in one of my fashion groups:

“I love the way lululemon leggings fit for working out and would love something similar for everyday wear.”

SAY NO MORE!!!!! I not only wear my Lulus on the regular, but they are some of my favorite wardrobe pieces for special occasions.  Most recently this winter I used them in what turned out to be my favorite family photo session of any we’ve ever had.

lisa m.-6

Okay they’re hard to see there but that pic was my fave.  You can see them better here:

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 12.03.18 pm

Pro Tip: Do your family pics now for next year – they’ll look pretty and wintery and you’ll have one less major thing to accomplish during the fall and holiday bustle.

I’m 5’4″ and 138 lbs right now, plus 38 years old, and my legs have never been my fave.  Once as a teen I was sobbing about a bad haircut and my mom grew exasperated and said “JEEZ Lisa, she cut off your HAIR, not your legs!!!”  To which I replied “But I had NICE HAIR I don’t have nice legs!!!!!”  Ah, the teen years.  Can’t wait!

But Lulus are magic. I’ve learned to love my legs when I’m wearing them.  The Lulus you’ll want when you’re not headed to the gym are the “Wunder Unders,” and you want to snag one of the “Full-on Luon” options – that’s going to be their tightest knit so it’ll give you the most coverage and support (read: most flattering), rather than the “Luxtreme” which is a lighter knit designed for running.  Specifically, my go-to is the Full-On Luon and I do a 7/8 Crop since I’m on the shorter side – if it’s winter, my boots cover it and if it’s summer, I want the crop.  I wear a size 8 and again I’m 5’4″ and 138lbs.

The color selection will vary with season; here’s a shot of me in the black.  They were PERFECT for layering on a hot weather vacation last year; I paired them with a tank tunic for the heat and a zip down for places with AC.


Nope, Lulu leggings aren’t cheap – that’s the catch.  But I’ve tried many brands due to this line of work and they really are the best I’ve found in terms of flattering and comfy, and a black pair especially is a super basic wardrobe piece that you’re going to get lots of use out of – especially because they last forever.  And they travel easily – small suitcase footprint and no wrinkle worries.

If you have any Lulu pics or if you want to chat mommy fashion, join us in our Facebook Group!  Happy Thursday y’all!