A member of my group “Claire’s Closet Finds” asked earlier today for a discussion on umbrella strollers.  Having done a TON of research on this topic I can assure you that THIS is the best one.


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.30.26 PM

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Here’s why the G-Luxe beats out all competition:

  • Top of the line wheels mean the roll is SO smooth.  It’s actually so smooth and the wheels are so sturdy that unless you’re a jogger, you don’t need a “real” stroller  at all.  I live in Boston where there’s a lot of cobblestone and old, cracked pavement.  This thing can handle any terrain, any time.
  • Fantastic engineering means it turns on a dime.  With one hand.
  • Basket is roomy.
  • Sun cover is quite generous – there is an extra reflective flap that falls down for additional coverage when you pull it out.
  • Simple one-handed fold:  Just lift a flap and the whole thing falls down on itself and snaps closed with the shoulder strap on top ready for you to grab and go.

Coffee Meme

  • Recline (ability to recline the seat).  The recline and the wheel (and therefore role) quality are what sets it apart from the g-Lite.
  • And finally, the incline.  When compared to the Maclarens this has a slightly deeper incline meaning that even taller people can push it comfortably without their feet occasionally hitting the back.
  • All that for just 13 pounds (!!!).  My newborn weighed that much at like 6 weeks old.

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