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UPDATE:  Mine arrived!!!  And they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

I got the Lee Earrings in Silver


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Guys listen up, this is actually a really good one.  Shop it here:  http://bit.ly/2Jcrhvz
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I’ve stayed a little on top of the “Pinktober” stuff because I have two friends with breast cancer right now… one is thankfully early stage with a high cure rate (she’s a group member!) but the other is a metastatic mom of two and it breaks my heart. She in particular has been really vocal about *hating* the Pinktober stuff – as she says, most of it is just gimmicks to “raise awareness” and only a tiny % – or even none at all – actually goes to help fund research, which is what actually helps. For that reason I never post Pinktober on the page. She’s also very sensitive to what % of research actually goes to metastatic cancer vs. early stage, which is a little more nebulous… my husband is a cancer researcher and it’s complicated because you need to study the pathology of early-stage tumors because they’re cleaner, but actually end-state patients are overrepresented in clinical trials because of course, early-stage patients must stick to the proven therapies while their chances are best.
ANYWAY, this one is actually good and I’m doing it for some of my own holiday gifts!!!  As you know I’m a big KS fan both because her stuff is so pretty and also because she is the real deal in terms of a female entrepreneur (check out how she built her business as a single mom!!) who employs and supports other women. So I’m actually super excited about her Breast Cancer Give-Back Suite; the line is GORGEOUS (if you love pink!) and a **full 20%** of your purchase goes to funding the KS $250,000 BCRF research grant (the Kendra Scott Award in Honor of Holley Rothell Kitchen). **ALSO** for every piece purchased, they donate a gift of jewelry and a handwritten note of encouragement to a woman undergoing cancer treatment.
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Finally, I love this – there’s something in there *just* for metastatic cancer families.  Each purchase of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Charm Necklace supports the Legacy Retreat through Inheritance of Hope for 20 families with a parent battling metastatic breast cancer.
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The Metastatic Breast Cancer Charm Necklace comes in gold, silver, and rose gold (shown).  To shop the full give-back suite, use this link instead.


So this is one Pinktober promo I feel good getting behind.  It made a few of my holiday gift choices pretty easy ❤