My Top Rec for Holiday Cards – Minted!

For sigh!  Does anyone else suffer from holiday card obsession?!   While many these days consider holiday cards a thing of the past, oh my goodness, I could not imagine a heartwarming holiday season without them!  Every year I slave over our outfits, our pictures, and then finally… our cards.  When cards from friends and family arrive in the mail, I wait ’til the kids are in bed and I open and read a batch with a cup of hot cocoa (for real!  I know… but it’s also a good excuse for hot cocoa!).

Having been at this for years now, I’ve concluded that Minted really does have the edge, even over Tiny Prints (and yes… their prices do reflect that).  Their foil pressed cards in particular are utterly swoon-worthy.


Discovered Minted in 2014 (bottom L).  Haven’t looked back in 4 years!

Another thing I love about Minted is that they almost always offer free recipient addressing (at least on your first order) – once I’d done our first year, all our addresses were forevermore stored in my Minted account and it saves me literally hours of work (and a sore hand) every year.  When people move, I just update their entry on my Minted account – I don’t even use an address book anymore.

If you’re with me on this, now is the time to start designing your card so that you’re ready to pounce when the sales roll in.  Currently you can get 15% off your order with code JOY18 (expires 11/5) and free ship with FS100 – that’s is actually pretty good; I watched like a hawk last year and the ONLY sale I saw that beat this was for 20% instead of 15% and I don’t recall if there was also a free ship code.

IF YOU’RE NEW, be *SURE* to sign up through a referral link – you’ll get a whopping $25 off your order and YES, that $25 will stack with sales codes!  My referral link:  If you’re NOT new, click here for the main site and get cracking!  Have any finished product pics?  I’d love to see them, join my Facebook group and add them to our Minted thread!  Happy Holiday prep everyone!!

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