The Outfit:

  • Deux par Deux Jumper, purchased NWT (new with tags) off Ebay ($28.99 – retail $70)
  • Mini Melissa shoes purchased from a flash-sale on GILT ($32 – retail $50)
  • Light blue layering tee, $5.99 clearance rack at Carter’s.
  • Resale:  $20 for jumper, $20 for shoes.

Deux par Deux Jumper and Mini Melissa Strawberry “Furadhina” Shoes.

Why The Love:

This is absolutely going to be one of our favorite outfits this summer.  As I said in the blog’s introduction, dressing my daughter is a means of expression.  Part of that for me means capturing the essence of the seasons.  Once strawberry season hits end of May, I can’t get enough of those classic red-with-shades-of-blue summer combos.  Make it a jumper and you’ve got a double-whammy of classic childhood Americana.

More on the Jumper:

Deux par Deux is an amazing brand; it’s somewhat lesser-known because it’s crazy-expensive and thus only carried in high-end boutiques, but that’s PERFECT for buying on Ebay:  Less competition means lower prices.  The detailing on this jumper is exquisite, down to the stitching of each button done to look like a red flower.  Be aware that the brand runs small.  I should get at least $20 back when I resell on Ebay, making this a $24 purchase for me, including shipping.



The darling buttons with their flower stitching run all down the back.

More on the Shoes:

We only just discovered Mini Melissa’s and I cannot say enough about them.  They are SO adorable and the designers do a great job of choosing shades of color that can still work as “basics” such that even their colorful shoes still end up going with lots of stuff.  The shoes themselves are plastic, with a slightly built up bottom, and they have their own scent that *screams* summer.  The buckles are faux; it’s just velcro – and that makes them my 2 year old’s favorite shoes because can she get them on and off all by herself!

Mini-Melissa’s are expensive ($50-60 per pair) but they’re often on flash sales on GILT or MyHabit (MyHabit is Amazon’s version of Zulily, and FYI if you’re new and you click here you get a $20 credit to any purchase $50+).  They hold up well, being plastic, and you can get lots back reselling them on Ebay or in the Facebook group “Mini Melissa BST.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.45.30 PM

A few more pics…