Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’m obsessed with dressing my daughter. I spend almost all of my free time scouring the internet for the newest cutest thing and figuring out the best way to get my hands on it. No, we’re not rich; my family of four lives in a two-bedroom apartment! I buy with an eye toward resale value and I’m very diligent about reselling; more on the best ways to do that coming soon!

Why the obsession? Above all else, dressing my daughter is a means of expression. In carefully selecting outfits and color schemes that best celebrate her natural beauty, I’m expressing my adoration of her and my excitement to embrace her childhood in its most visual form. I’m also expressing my own likings and preferences for things too whimsical for an adult to wear. It’s not art per se… but as someone who is not myself creative, it’s a way to create.

So please, fellow addicts, sit back and enjoy as I capture our finds and share my tips for making this affordable. Use the search function box at the top to focus on your favorite brands. Let me know if you see something you like OR something you disagree with. I’m all ears – thanks for reading!

– Lisa