It’s hard to dress your son boutiquey when he’ll only wear dinosaurs, but I’m managing.  There’s actually lots of great high-end clothing for boys out there and I hope to someday have enough boy posts that my friends with boys can plug “boy” into the search box (up top) and get an eyeful.  Here’s one of our faves:


The Shirt (Mulberribush):

This adorable shirt – appliqué detailed with white felt “teeth” – is by Mulberribush, a brand often found in the crazy-expensive catalogue CWD Kids.  Thankfully we didn’t have to pay a fortune for it though, because Mulberribush was featured on Hautelook, which is Nordstrom’s flash-sale site.  Guess how much it was on Hautelook?  $8.97.  Hautelook really zings you on shipping, which is $8.00 flat-rate, but their prices are so low that as long as you buy more than one thing it’s still an amazing deal.  Even if I’d only gotten the shirt, I still would have paid just $17.00 including shipping.  Not bad when you consider that these go for $30 on CWD Kids and CWD shipping is also outrageous.  I’ll probably get $7 back reselling, so this shirt was a fantastic purchase.

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The Pants (Janie & Jack):

I can’t say enough about J&J pants!  They are absolutely our go-to, they just look so sharp.  Waist is always adjustable, which is a godsend.  They’re obviously expensive but the basic styles often don’t sell out until they’re pretty reduced, and resale value is great if you keep them nice.  Just last night I got a pair of J&J jeans for under $10 on their clearance rack in the store.  If you’re buying a few or several items, be sure to check Ebay for J&J coupons.  You can often pay under $5.00 for a J&J coupon that will pay for itself many times over depending on what all else you’re buying.

Happy Shopping, y’all!


Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 3.36.28 PM

Such a great deal. And you can return directly to Norstrom Rack if there’s one near you.