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About these dresses!

Llum is probably my #1 “flash-sale brand,” meaning, a brand that is often featured on flash-sale sites but never seen anywhere else.  It does have its own website, but there’s no way I’d ever pay $90 for a child’s dress (sorry Llum!).

What’s To Love:

  • Stunning prints in striking colors;
  • Soft, playable, high-quality fabric;
  • Cinched waist for definition;
  • Big, gorgeous bow ties in back, and… the real magic…
  • The “petticoat” layer with its different colors and textures:

IMG_8750 - Version 2

Where to Find:

As mentioned, these dresses are $90 if you buy off Llum’s website.  Not happening!  I most often get them off GILT where they run $40-45.  (GILT is just like Zulily, but features higher-end brands… DEFINITELY pay the extra $2 for 30 days of free shipping if you order, I always end up using mine and getting AMAZING deals that way!).  Keep in mind that you will resell for $20, that makes getting them off GILT a $25 purchase, less if you use your free shipping on other items.


Llum Petticoat Dress: “LadyBird”


Llum Petticoat Dress: “Silhouette”