For those of you who just can’t wait – Code 3P9T gets you 20% off plus free ship, NO minimum!  Shop Boden’s new spring line by clicking here.

For all the rest of you, I’ve sifted through and found what I think are their front runners this season.


Dreary March weather and “April showers” are simply no match for Boden’s adorable new Applique Jersey Dress in “Grey Marl Weather” and either of the two “Applique Leggings” that coordinate – but HURRY, because the leggings are already selling out.  BONUS:  These items are not pictured together in the catalogue or online, so your look will be your own.



For boys, I’m going with the “favorite flavour T-shirt.”  I love that Boden has found something my son will wear that’s off the beaten track of dinosaurs, sports, and vehicles, plus it reminds me that summer (with all its ice cream truck excitement!) is on its way.    I would personally pair it with the red “adventure shorts.”  I love the boldness of the color scheme and I love that the contrast navy zippers also match one of the ice cream treats on the tee.


Runner Up for Girls:

I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about these jeans.  !!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 10.43.00 PM

My question for readers though, is which top?  The “Pretty Ruffle Top” in pink, The “Colour Change Sequin T-Shirt” (Top R), or the “Floral Crochet T-Shirt (L)“?   Or is there another one you’ve found that goes even better?

You can answer in a comment below OR join my Facebook group “Claire’s Closet Finds” to join in the discussion.  Hope to see you there, happy shopping!!

UPDATE:  We have a winner… SO IN LOVE with this combo!!!



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