Readers know I’m kind of a brand snob (just a little…ha).  But I recently stumbled on an unheard of brand on Amazon.  It was just SO cheap and looked SO cute, I figured it was worth a try.  And boy oh boy, I was NOT disappointed!!!

The brand is Novatx and here are some pics of our finds.


Claire is wearing the “Long Sleeve Girls Cotton Dress in Navy” – get this, it’s only $9.60!!!!  It would look great with jeans, but I found matching leggings at this Amazon listing.  LOVE the rainbows and flowers for spring.  There are TONS of other prints in this exact same dress, ALSO super cheap – check them all out here.  Runs true to size, but just be aware that these are too short to be dresses; these are tunic tops for sure.

Matthew’s top is currently out of stock on Amazon – so sad!  But there are several other adorable Novatx tops at great prices if you click here.  If you’re really hung up on that adorable monster with the primary color scales, there is a listing for almost the exact same shirt but it’s a different brand – click here to see it.  The brand is Fiream, and we’ve had two shirts by them that we’ve been very happy with; I would say they run slightly small.  You can check out the first Fiream shirt we got here – super cute!!  And we also got a hoodie by them; check out their hoodies by clicking here, they are ADORABLE:

I’ll leave you with a few more pics of the tunic – LOVE IT!!!


Oh and those ladybug shoes on the right are Zaxy – LOVE.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.25.51 AM

Zaxy’s are made by the same parent company as Mini Melissa and Nordstrom Rack currently has several pairs, including those pictured above, for $14.97 each(!!!) Check out that sale here and be aware that they run VERY small.  A full size smaller than Mini Melissas.  

Happy shopping everyone!


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